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Stator Burn out
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Sat Jan 03 2009, 01:27PM

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Recently here in colorado we had high winds.

My machine was not furling properly "tail too heavy" and this was the result.

I knew this was gonna be a problem someday.

For the size and weight of the tail I need to change the tail angle on this machine.

also my windings in the coils were a bit on the lite size 17ga. three in hand 37 turns.
the rotor blades are at 9ft 2in they were originaly 10ft but i cut them back to achive a lower windspeed cut in.? (smaller the turbine faster the rpm)? this was my first turbine I built with out any plans.
using what materials i had laying around.
? It ran for almost two years with no problems until now.

there was also some problems with the stator warping that also caused the magnets to rub as you can see in the photo
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Simple Simon
Thu Mar 25 2010, 10:46AM
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Hi Bryan

I think 3 in hand of 17 ga. should be good. You might have a little to much blade. You did not mention the mag size.

Your anchor bolts for the stator should be 90 deg. apart.
notice where it rubbed... "no bolts"

The coils don't look burned, But when the mill was making real power the stator must of gotten warm and warped. I have used as much as 2 pc's of 3/4" plywood and mounted the coils on that and then glass then down. If you have a wood lathe you can recess the coils into the plywood. You will need less resin this way.

Simon loves to Keep it Simple
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